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Agreements & Contracts

While both agreements and contracts are based on mutual understanding and acceptance of the terms and conditions agreed to between two or more parties, there are some important differences.

Agreements are mostly informal, broader in scope, and signed in more personal contexts, for example, between friends or family members. They do not have to be legally binding, which means that the parties involved do not necessarily have to follow through on the agreed terms.

On the other hand, contracts are mostly formal, narrower in scope, and are primarily signed between two or more parties entering into business activities together that involve some exchange of value. Contracts outline the terms and conditions of an agreement and are legally enforceable.

We can draft agreements and contracts encompassing various aspects of business and personal transactions, including but not limited to agreements for sale or purchase of goods and services, loan agreements, partnership agreements to outline the terms of business collaborations, marital agreements such as prenuptial agreements, employment contracts outlining the terms of employment between employers and employees, commercial contracts governing business transactions between companies, intellectual property contracts protecting patents, trademarks and copyrights, and more.

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